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This year as a Christmas gift, Matt got me a stay-vacation at the Hewing Hotel (what a guy, I know).  If you don't have the opportunity to travel somewhere warm this winter, I highly suggest taking a stay-cay here for many reasons other than just trying to remain somewhat sane through these cold temps. A mix of exposed timber, original industrial elements, and whiskey can really help you forget reality and slip into a weekend of relaxation.   

Here is a little sneak peek into what our and potentially your stay-cay in Minneapolis could look like...

Hewing city.jpg

We checked-in and quickly fell in love with our room.  I could have spent all day in here! 

We decided to wander the neighborhood of the North Loop where it is filled with various boutiques and growing local businesses.  We got lucky with a weekend filled with sunshine so it was fun to pop in and out of shops.  Some of our favorites included:

1) Wilson & Willy's

2) Foundry Home Goods

3) Kit and Ace

4) D. NOLO

5) Roe Wolfe

We grabbed a bite to eat at Smack Shack where Matt had one of their specials that he (unfortunately) won't stop talking about.  He even convinced the staff it should be on their regular menu because it was so good.  

Afterwards, we put our feet up to do a little relaxing with a book and a bag of the unbelievably good Maddy & Maize gourmet popcorn (one of many pop-ups being offered in Hewing's lobby).

That night we had dinner at Tullibee (Hewing's restaurant) followed by drinks at their bar with friends and french fries delivered to our room (a must have).  

We ended our stay-cay with sleeping in, ordering room service, and eating breakfast in bed because that is what Sundays are for.  

Fifeteen minutes later after walking out the doors of Hewing and into the door of our own home, Matt and I looked at each other somberly and agreed it felt like we were coming home from vacation--mission accomplished!  

It's not good-bye, it's see you later Hewing.

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