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Spread The Love Gift Guide

Spread The Love Gift Guide

February 14th.  Valentine's day.  Singles awareness day.  The day we all love/hate.  No matter your stance, we could all use a little love in this world today.  Spread the love with any of these 6 items because as it has been said "Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing.  Sprinkle that shit everywhere."  Okay, okay...yes these items may actually cost you something, but they are all under $30 (holla!).

1) Greetabl box.  When a card is just not enough, Greetabl has created handcrafted boxes filled with a surprise inside.  How does it work? You choose a box design + gift, add personal photos and a message, and then it's sent for you!  One of my favorites is the rosette-shaped gummies infused with Rose. ($17)


2) Custom wood calendar.  Artifact Uprising allows you to upload 12 of your favorite photos to enjoy year round.  I gave this to Matt last year and he loved it! ($30)

3) Love Tokens.  Each token features an activity or chore your loved one can redeem.  Includes 12 assorted tokens and 6 you can fill in on your own! ($12)

4) A funny card.  Nothing beats telling someone how much they mean to you all while making them laugh.  ($5)

5) Fun Socks.  I feel like guys are always complimenting each other on their socks.  So get your man a fun sock and add a tag saying "We're the perfect pair!" ($8)

6) Red Velvet cookies.  Bite size chocolate red velvet and cream cheese frosting are made with extra love by Thumbs Cookies.  Not a fan of red velvet?  There are many other amazing flavors to choose from!  ($10)

Interested in saving money and putting a little extra love into your gift this year?  Check out a previous post, Yes Dear, to find out how to create a date night jar.  

Now that the hard part is over, spread the love and treat your BAE, Mom, man crush, BFF, tinder match, the peanut butter to your jelly, and etc. (you catch my drift!)



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Designing Dreams